Madison County, MS
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  How to Place an Order

Welcome to Livingston Springs Farm

Located in Madison County, MS, Livingston Springs Farm is dedicated to producing free range and grass fed beef and lamb, and soon we will also be offering fresh eggs daily from free range, pasture fed chickens. Our Belted Galloway Cattle and Katahdin Sheep are rotationally grazed on pastures throughout the year to ensure fresh nutritional grasses. We are dedicated to producing healthy animals which eat grass that is free from herbicides and pesticides, and our animals are never given hormones or antibiotics.  Any animals that require antibiotics for health reasons will be removed from our grass fed program. Our animals are humanely treated and every effort is made to treat them with gentleness and respect.

$195 per share plus butcher fee and includes:
1 leg of lamb
1 rack of lamb
2-3 lamb chops
1 lamb ribs
1 liver
1 shoulder roast
2-3 pounds ground lamb
$195 per share plus butcher fee.
Typical order will include a variety of cuts including but not limited to:
Sirloin steak
Ribeye steaks
A variety of Roasts
Ground Beef
Ribs, Soup Bones on request
Liver available on request


Contact Us
Lisa Kuiper: 601-415-1494